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Mechanical Malfunctions

Brake Failure

Be familiar with your brake system. Having your brakes fail while you are driving is a dangerous experience where quick thinking can cool reactions can potencially save lives.

At the first sign of brake trouble, try not to panic. Downshift to low gear. Sound your horn and flash your lights to warn other drivers. Work your vehicle into the right lane and then toward the shoulder. Be aware of other traffic around you and use your signals and mirrors for your maneuvers. Pump the brake pedal hard and fast in order to build up pressure. Most all vehicles have dual hydraulic brake systems that prevent both the front and rear brake systems from giving out at the same time. If after three or four hard pumps no braking is occurring, apply the parking brake. If the car starts to weave release it and reapply it and/or swerve into bushes or something soft. When you reach the right lane turn on your emergency hazard lights.

You should never drive a vehicle at any speed without brakes! Nothing more dangerous on the road than someone who can't stop.