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Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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What to do After a Collision

If you are involved in a collision, follow these steps (Continued):

  • If the vehicles cannot be moved, protect the scene by setting up flares, reflective triangles or raising your hood.
  • Move your car out of the roadway to a safer place where you can get the names, license numbers and insurance company information of all drivers involved.
  • Don't discuss the cause or fault of drivers to anyone other than the police.
  • Prepare a simple accident scene sketch depicting where the vehicles and occupants came to rest. Also include notes about weather conditions, date, time and what happened leading up to the incident.
  • A copy of the pollice report will be available for you to review at your local precint. Be sure and tell the investigating officer all you can recall at the scene. If you belive something is incorrect or missing on the report, the officer's name and badge number will be listed.
  • If you hit an unattended vehicle, locate the driver or write a note with your name and address explaining what happened.