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The Overall Traffic Problem: Traffic Safety

The phrase 'unsafe speed' does not necessarily mean driving too fast. It can also mean driving under the posted speed limit, or too fast for existing weather or traffic conditions even though slower than the posted speed limit. People who drive at unsafe speeds are a major hazard, especially on freeways.

The rising number of vehicles on the road today is a factor in the high number of collisions. While this is certainly a factor, the greatest fault lies with the many drivers that refuse to obey traffic laws. Below is a table by the NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration). It shows the 2006 Fatality Rates for Texas and the U.S. in general.

Fatality Rates: Texas , U.S. and Best State, 2006

2006 Fatalities Fatality Rate per 100M
Fatality Rate per 100K
Texas 3,475 1.46 14.78
US 42,642 1.41 14.24
Best State*   0.78 6.36
*State (or States) With Lowest Rates: Lowest Alcohol and VMT Rates Could Be in Different States

In 2006, there were 3,475 people killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes in Texas. That equates to about 10 people diying in car crashes in Texas every day.

What were these 3,475 people doing when they were killed?

1,875 were driving a vehicle
821 were passengers in a vehicle
346 were riding motorcycles
379 were pedestrians
51 were pedalcyclists
33 were doing other things or it isn’t known what they were doing

Of these 3,475 fatalities, 1,474 people died because unsafe speed and 1,677 because alcohol contributed to the crashes.