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The 5 Leading Causes of Crashes in Texas


Following too closely is more commonly called ‘tailgating.’ It is an aggressive behavior, and a very dangerous one. Most rear end collisions are caused by tailgating.

In GOOD weather in the daytime and with little traffic, follow the 3-second Rule. Pick out something stationary on the side of the road, such as a billboard or a tree. When the vehicle in front of you is beside it start counting ‘one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand.’ You are following at an appropriate distance if you are beside the object when you finish counting.

In POOR weather conditions, or at night, or in heavy traffic situations you need to double the distance. Count to ‘six one thousand.’

In BAD weather such as heavy rain, heavy fog or snow, you should triple the distance. Count to ‘nine one thousand.’

If someone is tailgating you then move to another lane if that is possible, or get off the road if you must do that.