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Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Physical Condition

There are numerous physical conditions of a driver that can contribute to unsafe driving – your responsibility is to prevent or compensate for them until you become a safe driver.

Modern cars are comfortable and entertaining; air conditioning creates a cocoon-like relaxing atmosphere, there are radios and CD players and GPS devices and even TVs to entertain, cruise control limits your need to monitor your speed, there is the temptation to talk on your cell phone, etc. They may make driving more pleasant, but they also tend to let your attention wander away from your driving task. Never sacrifice your safety for a momentary diversion – if you can’t multitask then DON’T multitask..Also, most of us have a busy life-style and often do not get enough sleep. This is particularly true for young people. Studies have shown they require more sleep than older adults, and that they actually get less sleep than older adults. Before you get on the road for a longer trip be sure you get plenty of rest the night before you leave.