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Physical Condition


Yet another physical condition that affects driving skills is how old you are. It is a fact that reflexes, eyesight, and numerous other physical characteristics that are involved in driving simply deteriorate with age.

55 and Older Drivers

Older drivers need to compensate for these conditions. Slow down, allow greater distance between your car and the one in front, get your eyes checked annually, be sure any medications you take do not cause drowsiness, etc.


The effects of aging on driving skills was addressed recently in Texas. Effective September 1, 2007, the Texas Legislature passed a law, known as Katie’s Law, which requires drivers 85 and older to pass a vision test in order to have a driving license renewed, and that the license will only be valid for two years rather than the standard six years. It also prohibits the renewal of licenses electronically for drivers age 79 and older.