3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Understanding the Driving Task

You should be aware of the factors that effect your ability to be a good defensive driver.

Can you see clearly out your windows? Are your mirrors correctly set? What's the weather like? In other words, are you prepared to drive?

First things first. Before you go anywhere buckle up. Be sure there is enought gas in your tank before you head out and become a road hazard. Speaking of road hazards, What's that up ahead? A pedestrian? A blown-out tire? Do you have blind spots where someone or some hazard is located? One of the little known facts about serious injuries and death from vehicles is that many occur right at home. The majority of vehicles have little or no visibility right behind the rear bumper. Trajic accidents involving children being backed over apon in driveways are common. Before backing up make sure the coast is clear.

How's the weather? Make sure your tires, wipers, cooling system etc. is up to the task before braving the bad weather. Driving appropiately for the weather conditions is a definite "Do" when driving defensively.

Destrations in a vehicle such as cell phones, pets, smoking and eating can cause you to miss a hazard on the roadway or make a poor decision critical to driving safely.