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Occupant Restraints

Child Passenger Safety Laws

According to the NHTSA, n 2002, only 33 percent of 4- to 7-year-old passenger vehicle occupants who were killed in crashes were restrained.

NHTSA - Restraint Use Among Fatally Injured Passenger Vehicle Occupants (aged under 5)
      Total Restrained Unrestrained Unknown Lives Saved at
    Current Belt and
    Child Seat Use
    Additional Savable
    at 100% Use
    Texas 43 28 15 0 41 10
Children under younger than five years of age and less than 36 inches in height must use a child passenger safety seat. Adult seatbelt is not permissable. Fine = $200
These are only the minimum requirements. For maximum safety, children should be secured in child safety seats or booster seats according to the manufacturer's instructions.