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Litter Prevention

What you can do to keep Texas clean:


  • Don't transport debris in the back of your pickup or trailer unless it is securely covered.
  • Spread the word that illegal dumping is a crime.
  • Use a litterbag in your vehicle. Besides, it keeps you vehicle from looking like a dump.
  • Set an example by putting your trash where it belongs. There is only one place to legally throw your trash away on a Texas highway. Thats in a litter barrel. Look for rest area, picnic or a sign like this one to find a litter barrel.
  • When placing trash into a dumpster use bags and secure with twist ties before depositing. When dump trucks load the debris it will prevent garbage from blowing out.
  • Report illegal dumping to your local or county litter abatement or environmental health department and let them know when litter and illegal dumping in your community are major concerns.
  • Take down the license plate numbers of any vehicles you see transporting trash without a cover and report it to the Texas Department of Transportation's Report a Litterer Program.
  • Organize and participate in volunteer programs such as Adopt-a-Highway, Adopt-a-Beach, and Keep Texas Beautiful.