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Other and New Laws
New Texas Laws

Below are some of the new laws relevent to Texas drivers and passengers.


HB 84, known as Katie’s Law, requires drivers 85 years of age and above to pass a vision test to have their driver license renewed. Licenses will be valid for two years instead of six. Drivers age 79 and older are not allowed to renew their driver licenses electronically.

HB 586 prohibits a driver who is issued a speeding ticket and found guilty of driving at a speed of 95 miles per hour or higher from taking a driving safety class to dismiss the ticket.

SB 153 makes it an offense for the accompanying licensed passenger of a driver with a learner’s permit to sleep, be intoxicated or to engage in any activity that prevents the passenger from observing and responding to the actions of the driver of the vehicle.

HB 3849, makes it an offense if an ATV is driven on public property while the driver and passengers are not wearing required safety apparel.

The complete texts of these bills can be found at www.capitol.state.tx.us.