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Which of the following is not what you should do when making a turn:

  • Finish the turn in the proper lane.
  • Slow down to a reasonable turning speed.
  • Give the proper turn signal at least 100 feet before you make your turn.
  • Move into the proper lane as slow as possible.

When making a right turn:

  • Well ahead of the turning point, signal for a lane change and when it is
    safe, move your vehicle to the far right lane.
  • Begin right turn signal, and start slowing down at least 5 feet from the
  • Look only to the right before starting to turn.
  • Keep as close as possible to the left edge of the road.

To turn left from a Two-Way into a One-Way street:

  • Driver sould extend his left arm upward.
  • Not yield to traffic on One-Way street.
  • Turn from right-most lane.
  • Enter that street in the left lane.

When turning left from a One-Way into a Two-Way street you should:

  • Make a U-Turn.
  • Turn from the right lane.
  • Turn from the left lane.
  • Make three right turns to turn left.

You are on a country road in a No-Passing Zone:

  • You can still make a U-Turn at a crest of a hill.
  • You can ignore the sign since it's in the country.
  • It is illegal to make a U-Turn.
  • You can still pass if the weather is clear.