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The “Texas Drivers Handbook” published by the Texas Department of Public Safety lists the following 7 steps in making a good turn:


1. Make up your mind before you get to the turning point. Never make a “last minute” turn—it is too dangerous.

2. Look behind and to both sides to see where other vehicles may be before you change lanes.

3. Move into the proper lane as soon as possible. The faster the traffic is moving, the sooner you should move into the proper lane. If you cannot get into the proper lane at least within one-half block before you turn, you should not turn but continue straight ahead.

4. Give the proper turn signal at least 100 feet before you make your turn. If using a hand signal, hold it until you are close enough to the intersection for others to know what you intend to do. Do not hold the signal while making the turn—you need both hands on the wheel.

5. Slow down to a reasonable turning speed. Do not use the brake or clutch while actually turning.

6. Make the turn correctly. This will be easy if you are in the proper lane and proceeding slowly enough at the time you begin to turn.

7. Finish the turn in the proper lane.