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A "U-turn" is any turn "executed so as to proceed in the opposite direction."

You may make a U-turn:

  • Only from the left portion of the lane closest to the centerline of the roadway.
  • When you are given the go-ahead by a green arrow left-turn traffic signal.

You may not make a U-turn:

  • From the right lane.
  • Near the crest of a hill or near a curve that restricts the view of your vehicle.
  • When there is rain, fog or snow fall.
  • If a "NO U-TURN" sign is posted.
  • If you are on a one-way street.
  • If you are in front of a fire station.

When it's not safe to make a U-turn, use a parking lot, driveway or other area, and, if possible, re-enter the roadway going forward, not backing up.