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Railroad Crossings



What vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings

  • Pick up trucks.
  • School buses and passenger buses carrying passengers.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Vehicles towing a trailer.


What is the appropriate action to take when approaching a railroad crossing that does not have signals (such as lights or crossing gates)

  • Always bring the car to a complete stop.
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop.
  • Do nothing; all railroad crossings have signals.
  • Increase speed to get across the tracks quickly.


If traffic prevents you from crossing all the way across a set of railroad tracks, you may proceed only when

  • An approaching train is not moving fast enough to be a danger.
  • There is room for your vehicle on the other side.
  • At least one-half of your vehicle can cross the tracks.
  • No trains are in sight.


If an approaching train is near enough or going fast enough to be a danger, you must

  • Slow down and proceed with caution.
  • Not cross the tracks until the train has completely passed.
  • Cross the tracks at your own risk.
  • Find an alternative route across tracks.


You may drive around or under a gate that is being lowered or raised at a railroad crossing

  • As long as an approaching train is not too close.
  • If your vehicle can do so without damaging the gate.
  • If you first look carefully in both directions.
  • Under no circumstances.