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Traffic Signs, Signals and Highway Markings


Guide Signs

Guide signs come in blue and green. They are used to guide motorists to services and exits.

Hospital, airport and rest area signs are also examples of Guide Signs.


Exit Signs are another form of guide signs. Most freeway exits are on the right. When the exit is to the left the exit pannel at the top of the sign will be on the left side of the sign. The sign to the right denotes a right exit since the pannel is on the right.


Exit Only
A special yellow EXIT ONLY panel below a green freeway guide sign warns that the lane under the sign becomes the exit ramp and traffic in that lane must exit the roadway.



When approaching an exit lane or a city street lane , it may be marked by large broken lines painted on the pavement. If you are driving in a lane marked with broken lines, be prepared to exit the highway or the lane.



When driver's make erratic maneuvers moving out of exit only lanes the situation can be very dangerous. If you find yourself in an exit only lane and you don't want to exit, exit anyway. It is much safer and you can get back on the freeway soon enough.