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In this case, a bus was headed East when it came to a stop at an intersection. . The weather conditions were wet and the ambient lighting was “daylight”. The bus driver stopped at the stop sign. A pedestrian was walking south from the northwest corner of the intersection to the southwest corner, passing in front of the bus. After crossing the street he turned left facing east. He looked North then South before starting to cross Broadway. At this time the bus pulled forward to make a right turn headed south. When the pedestrian traveled in a southeasterly direction he was hit by the bus. He was hit by the door for loading and unloading passengers located forward of the right front wheel. He fell in a southern direction on Broadway. Once on the ground both of his legs were run over by the right front tire. When the bus came to a stop the right front tire was on Mr. Cole’s right leg. The driver got back in the bus and moved the bus approximately 2 feet backwards. The pedestrian was then freed from the bus.

Contributing factors: Pedestrian failed to yield ROW to vehicle. No citations were issued to the driver or pedestrian.