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City, Rural and Expressway Driving

City Driving (continued)

Automotive performance is also affected by city driving. Increased braking causes extra wear and tear on your brakes. Overheating of the engine can result from idling in stop and go traffic. Poor fuel efficiency is yet another negative effect city driving has on your vehicle.

Make city driving safer by driving with the flow of traffic within the legal speed limit. Do not drive in another vehicles’ blind spot. Avoid driving side by side for lengths of time. Try not to drive bunched up with other automobiles. Back off and leave enough room between you and the auto ahead. You should be able to see their tires. If all you see is a bumper, you are too following to close.

Plan ahead and choose a safe route based on the time of day and the volume of traffic. Check your local DOT website or listen to the local radio for traffic information and changes to roadways due to construction.