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Speed Control

Speed (continued)

Fatal Crashes by Speed Limit and Crash Type

Single Vehicle
Multiple Vehicle
30 mph or less 2,854 1,046 3,900
35 or 40 mph 3,842 2,613 6,455
45 or 50 mph 3,692 3,409 7,101
55 mph 6,185 5,673 11,858
60 mph or higher 4,378 3,480 7,858
No statutory Limit 102 21 123
Unknown 686 272 958
TOTAL 21,739 16,514 38,253
National statistics for 2004 from the National (Source: FARS and GARS)

According to 2004 statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, most fatal crashes took place on roads where the speedlimit was greater than 40 mph. Please review the chart above. The chart reflects the number of crashes, not the number of fatalities. When you are driving, pay attention to what is a safe speed for the roadway conditions and remember these statistics as you increase your speed.