3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Visual Interpretations

Looking Ahead

To be a good driver, you need to watch carefully where you are going. Look down the road 10 to 15 seconds ahead of you. A driver needs to look that far ahead to see hazards early. In the city, 10 to 15 seconds is about one block. On the highway, 10 to 15 seconds is about a quarter of a mile.

Look beyond the car ahead, know the position of other vehicles around you. Leave enough space between you and the vehicle ahead.  Make sure that you can see where the tires of the car in front of you meet the road. This will give you a space cushion to prevent a collision, incase the car ahead suddenly stops.  If you hit a car in the rear, for any reason, it is ticketed as your fault by the police officer.  If your car is struck from behind, the space cushion will also allow you enough space to move around the vehicle ahead. Look for lanes that are clear. You may need them.