3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Trip Planning and Road Navigation

Preparation and Planning (continued)

On a sunny, clear day a white pickup towing a utility trailer washeaded north on a small rural highway. The utility trailer lights weren't connected and were obscured by plywood attached to the back of the trailer. The driver of the pickup slowed to turn left into a driveway. Behind the pickup approached a tractor-trailer. The tractor trailer decided to pass the pickup not seeing any sign that the pickup was turning left and not just traveling slowly. The time necessary for the pickup to move into the tractor-trailer's path was less than the driver of the truck had to perceive and react to the danger. The tractor-trailer impacted the pickup's driver's side and ejected the passenger riding in the pickup bed. The investigating officer cited the pickup driver with "Turning When Unsafe". He listed contributing factors as "Defective or no Turn Signal Lamps" and "Defective or no Brake Lights". Please be sure to check any trailer lights prior to travel to reduce the danger to yourself and others on the road.