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Trip Planning and Road Navigation

Many motorists think they know how to read the numbers, but they may understand only part of the story. Other motorists are confused by the numbers; still others have never really thought about it.

  • PictureEven numbered interstates (1 to 2 digits) are east-west routes. They go from I-10 in the south to I-94 in the north.
  • Odd numbered interstates (1 to 2 digits) are north-south routes. They start with I-5 on the West Coast to I-95 on the East Coast.
  • 3 digit numbered interstate highways connect major highways. If the first digit is an odd number this usually represents a "spur" route heading from an interstate to a destination, such as a city center. An even number means the highway connects to a interstate at both ends (typically a "beltway" or loop).