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Trip Planning and Road Navigation

Mile Markers


These handy green and white signs called Mile Markers, mark the number of miles it is from 0 or a beginning point for the roadway. Interstate or major highway mile markers begin numbering at the south or west end of the state, and continue till the next border or end of highway. This can be handy for determining your location and heading. Say you were headed to Louisiana from Houston on Interstate 10 and you noticed mile maker 55, you know it is 55 miles to the border since you are headed east.


Mile Markers can help you:
  • Determine how far it is to your destination.

  • Give you an exact location if you have an emergency and require emergency assistance.

  • Determine the distance to your exit (Most state number exits based on the nearest mile marker).
  • Help for navigating or finding a turn or place near a particular mile marker.