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Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Evaluating the Traffic Environment

Curvy Conditions

Centrifugal force is the force of a body in motion which tends to keep it continuing in the same direction rather than following a curved path. This force pulls your vehicle towards the edge of the road when you are driving on a curve. If you brake hard it is easy to skid on a curve. When your tires are skidding you loose the ability to steer, so slow down before you enter a curve. Many times there isn't a posted speed limit for curves. Rain, snow, dirt or gravel can make curves very slippery so judge the curve and slow down if necessary.

This reconstructed collision involved a car driving too fast for the roadway conditions. It was in a residential area along a poorly banked sharp curve. The driver braked, then slid into the outside curb. The vehicle then headed for the median where it hit a tree. At impact the driver was forced out of the car and a passenger was mistaken for the driver during the police investigation. The animation and investigation was so powerful the investigating officer's changed their initial opinions regarding who was driving. The animation and was later featured on a television series featuring accident investigation and reconstruction.