3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Orientation Quiz

The TIME for each lesson in the course is listed:

a. Next to the lesson heading, and at the end of each lesson
b. In the middle of the lesson text
c. In hours
d. Not important for the test

  • The HELP BUTTON at the top of the page can give you information regarding:

    a. Security
    b. Cancellation policy, payment, and refunds
    c. Registration, grading policy and legal information
    d. All of the Above

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE is available by:

    a. Calling our telephone number ( ) ________
    b. Emailing questions or concerns to ____________
    c. Using the Help Button for general information.
    d. All of the above
  • The LOG OFF BUTTON is located:

    a. Bottom left corner of the screen
    b. Top left Corner of the screen
    c. Under your computer mouse
    d. In a hidden screen
  • If you do not log on and LOG OFF CORRECTLY

    a. Some of your information will be lost
    b. You will get behind schedule
    c. Your computer will melt
    d. You will receive a pie in the face
  • You will be AUTOMATICALLY LOGGED OFF and lose any page information if:

    a. Seven minutes pass and there has been no activity
    b. You close your browser system
    c. You leave your computer for a break without logging off
    d. All of the above

  • VIEWING VIDEOS with Windows Media Player and high speed internet is very important in this course because:

    a. The videos demonstrate safe driving techniques and animations of actual situations and collisions.
    b. You must answer 70% of the video questions correctly in order to proceed to the final exam.
    c. The animations were used in real court cases and represent real people who were involved in automobile accidents.
    d. All of the above is true.