3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Viewing Videos

The course contains many animations and instructional videos that you will need to view with Windows Media Player. These videos will demonstrate safe driving techniques and animations of actual situations and collisions. Some of the lessons require you to answer questions relating to the videos, so be sure to watch them in their entirety. You must answer 70% of the video questions correctly to be able to proceed to the final exam.

Let’s go over the basics about how the videos work. If you aren't already familiar with Windows Media Player the SCROLL button is used to scan through or jump to a portion of the video quickly. PLAY and STOP buttons are like those on a DVD player or VCR. The VOLUME button is pretty self explanatory and the STATUS display simply states whether the video is playing, stopped or buffering (downloading data to be played).

Now take a look at a sample video below. Click on the play button below.

If you were able to see the video, great. Can you hear the video’s audio? It should sound like and airplane engine. If not, try adjusting the volume. If you still can’t see or hear the video, please contact our technical support department at (000) 000-0000. You can also visit our Help Page to quickly answer most questions about the course and it's contents. Be sure you have a high-speed internet connection and a recent version of Windows Media Player. If everything looks good continue on to the next topic.