3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Texas Approved Defensive Driving Course for Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Discount

Course Credit Requirements



The Texas Education Commission (TEA) sets the requirements for Defensive Driving Cources. The Time, Validation and Exam requirements of the TEA and 3D Defensive Driving are:


  • 3D Defensive Driving is a six-hour online defensive driving course. 300 Minutes of Instruction (time required by the state for completion of the course). The course is composed of 14 chapters of course material. Each chapter is composed of seperate topics. After each topic there is a short quiz. There is a timer at the bottom of each page and it displays the minimum time the page is to be viewed. You may take longer than the time alloted, but it isn't possible to view the next material untill the timer reaches zero.