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Compensating for the Mistakes of Other Drivers

Keep A Space Cushion Ahead

Most rear-end collisions are caused by following too closely.

Many drivers don't give themselves enough time and distance to react and avoid a hazard by following too closely behind the vehicle in front of them. When you are too close to the vehicle in front of you, your ability to see obstacles is diminished as well.

As described earlier, use the "two second rule". This is also considered a "space cushion". If you are traveling at night, in poor driving conditions or at higher speeds use a four second space cushion. Keep a larger space cushion ahead during slippery driving conditions, when pulling a trailer or carrying a heavy load since it will take longer to slow or stop your vehicle in an emergency.

If you are following too closely and someone merges into your lane, and "cuts" in front of you, there will not be much time for you to react and avoid a collision. If you keep a good space cushion ahead, when someone merges into your lane, it will be less likely you will be cut in front of.