3D Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving Traffic Safety Tips

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Interaction with Other Road Users

Interacting with Trucks (Continued)

Avoiding the Squeeze Play

Since trucks make wide right turns they can confuse drivers into believing the truck is turning left or merging into the left lane. In this type of a situation, drivers are susceptible to being caught in a :squeeze" between a turning trucks trailer and whatever is to the right of their vehicle. In this case, a driver was driving on a wet road and mistakenly thought a tractor-trailer was turning left. When the driver realized the truck was turning into her lane it was too late. The car skidded and collided with the trailer and tractor's rear tires. later testing was conducted regarding the need for the truck to swing wide in order to avoid two culverts and signs on the right intersecting street. Pay attention to truck signals, and give them lots of room to maneuver.